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Dear NellieStella
im sory that i copied some post from other blogs, but from about 3 weeks i try to learn, and all my ilnesses are getting stronger... now its eaven hard for me to read.. im realy sory, and i will realy try to get this blog be written more by me... but sometimes its hard, when you got the lowest marks on all tests, and so on... Im realy, realy, realy sory. and i will try to do anything to get that blog better... im looking for some new people who could help me to write it, couse my school is getting harder and harder... the other problem is that i dont have super star, so all of the super star freebies i just have to copy...

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  1. I am so sorry about it ! =( if u are ill why dont u stay home to have a little relax ? :) BTW what school are you visiting ? I mean which grade


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